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Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an integral component of industrial computers. They ensure a regulated and stable power supply to your PC. More importantly, when power disturbances or blackouts occur, they provide continuous power supply. It prevents sudden computer crashes and data corruption is kept to the minimum. They make your systems safe and secure.UPS systems continue to perform their function without fail. Uninterruptible power supply systems are very robust and are designed to carry out their tasks well, but they do need repairs or some sort of maintenance at regular time intervals A major problem can cause work downtime and immense time delays. A reliable UPS repair service provider can help a company work effortlessly. Ultra Power Solutions UPS Repair Services in Mumbai,UPS Repairing in MumbaiThere are many professional and certified companies providing efficient UPS repair in India. They can clean, test and recondition the UPS as per your requirements.

Batteries and battery sets are the key critical component within a UPS installation in the event of a mains power failure. Working with the leading battery brands, we provide a number of services to ensure uninterruptible power supplies and standby power systems are fully operational

The testing service includes a full physical inspection (including terminal connections), with thermal imaging as an option to locate potential ‘hot-spots’. From the logged data, we are then in a position to compare actual results to design specifications and make recommendation to ensure your battery set is optimised.

Battery replacement should form a planned part of any ongoing maintenance programme, for any UPS. The features and benefits of our service include:


Supply only, or supply, install, removal and recycle
According to the Hazardous Waste, WEEE and RoHS regulations
Significant purchasing power which enables us to provide very cost-effective batteries, on a brand-for-brand, like-for-like basis
Multi brand UPS knowledge bank for battery set calculation and system design
5 and 10 year design life, sealed lead acid (SLA), maintenance free batteries available from stock, with other types, including Wet Cells, on request
Expansion or runtime capacity reduction into any battery set replacement can be developed to further improve your system’s resilience
Expert UK-wide battery engineers

The power to perform
There’s more to Su-kam’s Cosmic Digital UPS than its cool, contemporary looks. Underneath that stylish exterior is a superior technology that gives you awesome features, better safety standards and enhanced performance.

Breaking away from traditional style, the R&D team at Su-Kam has given the Cosmic Digital UPS a very futuristic smart look in a bright colour scheme making it a lifestyle product that can only add to your home interiors.

The Cosmic Digital UPS is also available as a complete package with the Cosmic Trolley and a Cosmic 150Ah battery.



SMD (Surface Mount Device) Technology: 

The PCB card based SMD technology reduces the size of the Cosmic Digital UPS. This not only reduces human error while manufacturing, it also makes it far more efficient than any other conventional system.

Instant switchover: The Cosmic Digital UPS has instant switchover for consistent supply of power. It also comes with safer voltage stabilization that protects your sensitive equipment.
Fire resistant and shock proof body: The Cosmic Digital UPS comes sheathed in a high-grade polycarbonate body that can withstand temperatures as high as 200-250 degree Celsius. This high-grade polycarbonate body also ensures 100% protection from any electric shocks.
Multi-information Graphic Display Panel: This really helpful feature displays the real time status of the system.
Convenient Trolley: For ease of use and safety, the Cosmic Digital UPS comes with the Cosmic Trolley, which is a screw-less mobile trolley.
Enhanced protection: Cosmic Digital UPS automatically shuts down in case of short circuit, high temperature, battery overload or a situation of low battery. It’s built in audio and visual warning signals buzz in the event of overload, fuse blowing etc.
Power Active Switch: Enables you to power up the load through the mains in case of low voltage.



Load Chart

850VA / 12V

Load Option A B C D
PC 1


Tube Light 3 3 4 2
Fans 3 3 1 2
Room Cooler

CFL 2 4 2 2

5.0 KVA, 10 KVA, 15.0 KVA, 20.0 KVA, 30.0 KVA & 50.0 KVA


¤ Suitable for unbalance load & voltage ¤ Input voltage : 340 to 450 V br> ¤ Output V : 400 ± 1% V
¤ LED Indication : For each phase at our of input acceptance voltage
¤ Set Voltage : Facility for each phase in the range of ± 5 volts 
¤ Overload & Short CKT Protection : provided with the help of 3 pole MCB 
¤ Over / Under Voltage Trip Provided at output side 
¤ Time Delay : 15 to 30 seconds for output supply to ON 
¤ Voltmeter L with selector switch 
¤ Reset : Auto 
¤ Auto / Manual : with increase / decrease facility in manual mode in each phase 
¤ Single phasing prevention : Provided 
¤ Indication : Input ON, Output ON & on each phase Input out of acceptance voltage range 
¤ AC Synchronous motor operated variac



5.0KVA, 10.KVA, 15.0KVA, 20.0KVA, 30.0KVA & 50.0KVA

Unbalance type 3 phase 4 wise system three independent controllers.
Three Single phase voltage stabilizer connected in star position.
Each phase will correct the input voltage & gives corrected output voltage.


Sr. No.

Max Capacity

Max Line Current

Sr. No.

Max Capacity

Max Line Current


5.0 KVA

5.0 A


25.0 KVA

25.0 A


10.0 KVA

10.0 A


30.0 KVA

30.0 A


15.0 KVA

15.0 A


50.0 KVA

50.0 A


20.0 KVA

20.0 A

Installation & Products Delivered

We have done active installations of UPS, UPS Batteries, UPS AMC with best quality service.